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Entry #2

Game News Update

2014-04-14 19:55:15 by Ganjovie

Everyone loves randomly generating stuff.. because it makes it a little funner. In the previous snapshot of the game, you saw a panel of many different squares, correct? Well... That's going to be removed and placed with a set map with possible randomly appearing locations and other things... However, the map will be long and set in regions. So perhaps it will make the gameplay more submersive and enjoyably challenging.

No. The game is nowhere near finished. However I do have a game I made a while back.. It's called Mr. Touch.


It can support two players, and is reasonably challenging with the randomly changing enemy speeds.

The story is... Mr. Touch, long time pedophile, wants to touch the little boy, but, a swarm of boy hungry priests also want to touch the boy. Mr. Touch much touch all the priests to sexually confuse them and make them leave so he can have the boy all too himself. 

Can Mr. Touch touch them all?



Console: 1: game mode 2: confirm/start 3: restart 4: quit ( not the num pad )

Player 1: i,j,k,l

Player 2: 5,2,1,3 (num pad)

To touch the priests, simply move the character over them, the character must constantly be moving in order to get a touch.

Don't touch the little boy too soon, eager beaver, you'll lose points, and that'll make the priests even more eager to stick around!


Systems: Windows only, sorry. :c

(Also, don't be discouraged, it's not impossible, I have beaten it.. once.)3664446_139752016762_screencap.png3664446_139752047381_screens.png



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